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This session is designed for end-users handling shipping and receiving tasks in Quantify, and covers; shipping, receiving, how to move equipment around your company, adjust inventory balances, purchase equipment, resolve discrepancies, manage out of service products, and manage re-rent. This session covers the information below.

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Shipping Tab
  • View Filters
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Standard Shipments (Deliveries, Returns, and Transfers)
  • Creating Reservations
  • Shipping Reserved Products
  • Pre-Return Shipments
  • Processing Pre-Returns
  • Shipment verification feature (Counting)
  • Receiving 'To Be Received' Products
  • Handling Discrepancies
  • Editing Shipments
  • Voiding Shipments
  • Viewing voided Shipments in the grid
Job Sites
  • Negative Balances (over return from job)
  • Resolving negative balances
Scaffold Tracking Job Site Basics
  • Data associated with Scaffold Tracking Job Sites
Adjusting Inventory
  • Adjusting quantities for selected location
  • Locking the database
Purchase Transactions
  • Create Purchase Transactions
  • View Last Cost and Average Cost data
Re-Rent (Re-Hire) Transactions
  • Adding Re-Rent equipment to inventory
  • Removing Re-Rent equipment from inventory
Out of Service
  • Adding items to Out of Service
  • Billing for damaged or lost Products
  • Multi-Selection
  • Moving Out of Service Products back to Branch Office
  • Moving Products from Branch Office to Out of Service
  • Custom Labels and Billing Options
To Be Serviced (Servicing)
  • Adding items To Be Serviced
  • Processing Service Tickets
  • Billing for servicing
  • Moving selected Products to Branch Office
  • Moving Damaged Products to Out of Service
  • Moving Products from Branch Office To Be Serviced

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