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This session covers the unique features of the Scaffold Tracking Job Sites; setting defaults, creating job sites, creating scaffolds, creating shipments, entering and tracking activities on scaffolds, inspections and scaffold access points. Information available through Dashboards and Scaffold pivots.

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Scaffold Tracking Job Sites
  • Review features available for Scaffold Tracking Job Sites
  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • QR Codes
  • Bill of Materials
  • Shipping
Create Job Site
  • Enable Scaffold Tracking on Job Site
  • Custom Fields
  • Global Options for Scaffolds
  • Invoice options for Scaffold Tracking Job Sites
Scaffold Register Toolbar
  • Column Order and Visibility 
Scaffold Lists
  • Priorities
  • Projects
  • Steps
  • Shifts
Create Scaffolds
  • Create Scaffold
  • Edit Scaffold
  • Complete Scaffold
Shipments to Scaffolds
  • Deliver and Return Products to Scaffold
  • Enable Activities for Job Site
  • Add Activity Types
  • Add Activity
  • Adding Activities to Shipments
  • Activity Reports
  • Enable Inspections for Job Site
  • Enabling Inspections for multiple Scaffolds
  • Add Inspection
  • Adding Inspections for multiple Scaffolds
  • Inspection Reports
Access Points
  •  Adding Access Points

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