About Handset Designer
  • 23 Jan 2024
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About Handset Designer

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Using Microsoft Office Visio┬«, Handset Designer enables you to very easily and quickly draw  building structures and formwork. The intuitive drag and drop interface enables you to see and modify the sizes of building components as you create drawings, minimizing errors.

To learn more about Microsoft Visio and take full advantage of its impressive features, click the Visio menu and select Help.

In Handset Designer, walls, column and other structures combine to create complex building components. Once you have created a design, Handset Designer adds the formwork for the entire building structure with the click of a button. 

Handset Designer automatically calculates and designs formwork for corners and intersections and other complex structures, freeing you from having to decide where parts and components must be located.

Handset Designer instantly prints auto-scaled drawings to any standard paper size printer, large size plotter or into several electronic formats.

You can design formwork on multiple pages in a drawing to form a complete drawing set.

By organizing pages into separate concrete pours, you can generate material lists for each pour. You can also view the quantities in total (total for all pours) and consolidated (maximums from each pour).

The Utilization column in the Bill of Materials dialog shows you the percentage of the part utilized per pour throughout the consolidated parts on the project.

Material lists are accurate, complete and can be priced for rent or sell using Quantify. You can also use Quantify to manage inventory and calculate other costs with optional categories, such as freight, concrete and rebar.

Quantify is not included with all purchases of Handset Designer. Visit www.avontus.com for more information.

To get started, view Getting Started with Handset Designer. This section of our user guide provides a brief overview of the functionality and features of the software, as well as how to accomplish common tasks.

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