Augmented Reality Basic Requirements (Mobile)
  • 01 Aug 2023
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Augmented Reality Basic Requirements (Mobile)

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Article Summary

Avontus Viewer Augmented Reality (AR) will work on many newer Android and Apple (iPhone and iPad) devices. Because Augmented Reality requires relatively new and high performance hardware and operating systems, older devices may run AR with limited features and performance. We have not tested on all available devices and operating systems. While Avontus Viewer Augmented Reality works fine on many devices, we cannot guarantee its performance on all devices. 

Basic Requirements:


Device: iPhone 5s or greater, iPad Air or greater iPad mini 2 or greater

iOS: 11.0 or greater

For Ground Plane AR: iPhone 6s or greater 


Device: There are too many Android devices available to provide a comprehensive list. Pixel and Samsung (8 or greater).

Software: AR Core by Google (Required for AR Ground Plane, recommended for AR Target. Download from Play Store.)

OS: 6.0 or greater

For more information on ARCore supported devices:

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