Avontus Designer 2023 R4
  • 27 Jul 2023
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Avontus Designer 2023 R4

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Article summary

Version: 6.5.1030.0    Release Date: April 13, 2023

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed a bug with vertical post nodes not aligning with horizontals in some material catalogs.
  • Fixed a problem with reading 2D drawing shapes in US-English region.
  • Fixed a bug in updating 2D drawing shapes.
  • Fixed an issue in Global/Drawing Options not correctly resetting to default values.
  • Fixed a bug in which global/drawing settings for starter and default vertical sizes were ignored.
  • Fixed a bug in drawing level indicator in conceptual 3D view.
  • Fixed a few bugs with compact stair towers.
  • Fixed guardrails showing as transoms in Kwikstage drawings.
  • Fixed Kwikstage ladder access mid-transom 3D view model.

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