Implementation Process
  • 12 Jul 2023
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Implementation Process

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Avontus provides a carefully managed implementation process that ensures a smooth, straightforward transition into active use of the system.

Kickoff and Goal setting

We initiate the process with a meeting between the Avontus implementation team and client stakeholders. During this meeting, the implementation timeline is set, milestones are agreed upon and the process as a whole is reviewed for client understanding. This includes identifying key points of contact and trainees, as well as refining system configuration in accordance with the customer’s needs.

Initial Setup

For on-premise solutions, Avontus supports the client IT team through software installation and database server setup. Avontus may also be involved directly with installation, if access to the customer’s server is available.

For cloud-based solutions, Avontus prepares a server and makes it available to the customer for use during data review, training and active use, coordinating with client IT to ensure connectivity from the client site to the provided server.

Data Gathering

Concurrent with setup, Avontus provides templates for the client to gather their key data, including inventory, job information, billing rates, customer/vendor details and any other information the customer wants to reside in the initial system. Once complete, the customer submits these templates to Avontus for compiling into the initial database.


Standard training includes access to live, online training sessions that cover all aspects of the system in detail, as well as ongoing use of the Avontus Assist knowledge base. Customers are encouraged to enroll as many trainees as needed to ensure that all involved staff are familiar with the software.

Private online and on-site training may be available at an additional charge. On-site implementation and training is a great option for more complex industrial environments and large-scale corporate deployments.


Implementation also includes focused sessions to discuss client-specific configuration and the use of Quantify. This ensures that customers have a clear idea of how Quantify will fit into their everyday work and helps adapt the system to specialized workflows (or adapt workflows to the system, as needed or desired).

Go-live and Ongoing Use

Once a customer is comfortable in the system, a go-live meeting is held to confirm readiness for ongoing use. From there, customers receive support in accordance with Software Assurance and may continue to access training sessions and support materials.

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