Setting Up the Azure Active Directory
  • 10 Apr 2024
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Setting Up the Azure Active Directory

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Prior to using the Avontus QuAD (Quantify Azure Deployment), create the Azure Active Directory App Registration in the Azure portal.

To do this you will need an Azure Portal account.

1. Search AAD and select Microsoft Entra ID

2. Select Add and click App Registration.

3. Now enter a name for the registration and click Register at the bottom.

4. Next, make a note of the following values

  • App Registration Name
  • Client ID
  • Tenant ID

5. Now click Certificates & Secrets on the left, then Client Secrets, then New Client Secret.

6. Enter a name for the secret and select an expiry date.

Note: It is recommended to create a reminder for the expiry of the secret key


7. Click Add

8. Copy the secret value to a word document. It will not be visible after you've moved away from the page.

9. Next, search "subscriptions" from the top search bar and click Subscriptions.

10. Select your subscription.

11. Now click Access Control (IAM) from the left menu, then add and add role assignment.

12. Click Privileged Administrator Roles and then contributor and then next at the bottom.

13. Here, select User, group or service principle and then click Select members.

14. In the right-hand flyout menu, search for and select a user.

15. Click Select

16. When the flyout menu closes, click Review + Assign at the bottom.

17. Click Review + Assign once again to complete the assignment.

18. Click Overview on the left and copy the subscription ID.

Next, enter the Azure user details in the app - Azure User.

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