Showing Scale Model Augmented Reality (Mobile)
  • 12 Sep 2023
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Showing Scale Model Augmented Reality (Mobile)

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Article Summary

The procedures below show you how to use an AR Target to accurately superimpose an Augmented Reality version of a Scaffold over a printed version of a Scaffold Designer drawing.

To show scale model augmented reality with the AR Target:

  1. Prepare your drawing for AR and the upload model to Avontus Viewer.
  2. Print the plan and place it flat on any horizontal surface.
  3. Place the AR Target onto the drawing where you placed the Base Point.  
    If placing the AR Target at a corner of the drawing border, align the tick marks in the AR Target with the drawing border.
  4. Log in to Avontus Viewer.
    Avontus Viewer displays the list of models available to you.
  5. Locate and tap the drawing you want to view.

    Avontus Viewer displays the 3D View screen.
  6. If checked, tap the Ground Plane AR checkbox to remove its check, then tap AR.
  7. Aim your device at the target on the drawing. Avontus Viewer displays a three-dimensional rendering over the drawing. The model itself contains all the necessary information to place the rendering in the right location and at the right scale.
    Note: If the model disappears, rotates, or otherwise fails to display as expected, point the device back at the AR Target to reacquire the model.
  8. If necessary, adjust the model: 

    Drag three fingers to rotate the model.

    Drag one finger to move the model.

    Use two fingers to scale the model.

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