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Print Preview Selected TransactionSelect Print Preview Selected Transaction to view preview a report on a selected transaction.
Print Preview Transaction as Pick TicketSelect Print Preview Transaction as Pick Ticket to view preview the pick ticket. Only sell, return, order and backorder transactions can have a pick ticket.
Print Preview Received Quantities
This report can be viewed only
Select Print Preview Received Quantities to view preview the report. You can only view this report for order and backorder transactions. 
Transaction Pivot

The Transaction pivot displays a high-level summary of all transactions, such as total prices, total weights, total pieces, etc. 

Transaction Products Pivot

The Transaction Products pivot displays the same information as the Transaction pivot. However, this report includes the details not included in the Transaction pivot. For example, the Transaction Products pivot contains part numbers and per-item costs for each item. This information can be viewed by transactions, by transactions per location, etc. 

Pivot for all Order Transactions

The Pivot for all Order Transactions report displays detailed information about all orders that have been placed. This includes all outstanding back orders and partially filled orders. 

Pivot for Selected Order Transactions

The Pivot for Selected Order Transaction report displays detailed information about a selected order, including outstanding back ordered items and partially filled items.