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The Recurring Charges tab enables you to add Recurring Charges to shipments. This tab displays Recurring Charges and the default charge per unit as previously set up in Recurring Charges and Rate Profiles.

Note: Quantify will display the Recurring Charges tab and make it active only if the job site is billable. No default value for Charge/Units will appear if a value hasn’t been included in the Rate Profile used for the Job Site.

When the shipment is complete, Quantify adds the Recurring Charges to the product balances at the job site and displays them in the Products tab for the job site. Recurring Charges information is also available in the Shipment Details of completed shipments.

To add a Recurring Charge to a Shipment:

1. Create a shipment.

2. In the New Direct Ship dialog, click the Recurring Charges tab.

3. Locate and click the appropriate charge.

4. Click in the cell in the charge's No.of Units column and enter the appropriate number of units.

5. Click in the cell in the charge's Charge/Unit column and enter the appropriate charge.

6. Repeat the above step as many times as necessary.

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7. Click Complete Shipment.