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Please note you can only upload and share videos of the scaffold models you have created. You will be unable to record and upload videos of any scaffolds shared with you by other users.

Recording your Video

To record your video, click YouTube Video and select Record Video. You will have the option of recording in 1080p or 720p. 1080p offers high quality video, but this may affect your PC’s performance. 720p offers lower video quality, but will impact performance less than 1080p.


For more information navigating around your 3D model, please see the Navigating Through a Avontus Viewer Model on your Desktop.

When recording you can adjust the speed of the viewer. Tap Ctrl to activate the fastest mode and tap Ctrl again to return to the default mode. Tap Shift to activate the slowest mode and tap Shift again to return to the default mode.


For more information on publishing your video, please visit the Recording and Publishing your Video help guide.

Sharing your Recording

It is possible to share your recording on social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or via Email.


For more information on sharing your videos on respective social media sites, please see the Sharing Videos section.


To get help in using Avontus Viewer, click YouTube Video and select Help.