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Scaffold Viewer enables you to use your mobile device to move through your models in virtual reality (VR). To Do this, you must first have a Scaffold Viewer cardboard.

To navigate through a Scaffold Viewer model in VR:

1. Log in to Scaffold Viewer

Scaffold Viewer displays the list of models available to you.

2. Locate and tap the drawing you want to view.

Scaffold Viewer displays the 3D View screen.

3. Tap VR.

Scaffold Viewer displays the model in virtual reality.

4. Place your device into the Scaffold Viewer cardboard, so that the screen faces the lenses in the cardboard.

5. Close the cover over the back of your device.

6. Secure the device by pressing the Velcro closure.

7. Hold the cardboard up to your eyes, so that the cutout tab is on top.

8. Look around the virtual reality in the same way you would actual reality: move your head to the right and left, up and down.

9. To move into the model press the tab in the top left corner of the cardboard.

10. To move out, tilt your head 45 degrees, and press the tab. 

Tilting your head changes the direction of the move, in or out.