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Creating a Product History Pivot Report

The Product History Pivot Report provides location-based, historical information of inventory daily balances at Job Sites. If updated regularly, this report provides accurate balances based upon the date the calculations were generated. Unlike other reports that display balances and information based upon current levels in Quantify, the Product History Pivot calculates daily location balances based on shipment Delivery and Return Actual dates. These report results are saved to the database and reflect a snapshot of inventory levels that can be used for future reporting.


Including a Job Site in the Product History Pivot

The Product History Pivot report only displays inventory balance information for locations configured to be included in this report. This enables you to exclude any locations that may be for internal use or managed differently, or to isolate the report to just a few locations. 


This can be the same Rate Profile the Job Site uses for billing or a different Rate Profile. Quantify uses the selected Rate Profile for reporting the Job Cost and Rent within the Product History Pivot report.

4. Click OK.

Recalculating a Product History

Calculated Product History represents a snapshot of product history for the month at the time the month was calculated. Quantify will not include any shipments created after a month is calculated (such as Returns), even if dated within the calculated month. Therefore, if you notice certain records that you want to include in a report are not being included, you may need to recalculate certain months.