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I have a single license for Avontus Designer. Can I use this license on more than one computer?

Yes. While Avontus Designer licenses only allow one user at a time,you can use the following two options to setup a single license for access on multiple computers.

  • Using a Network Server - This method only requires a single installation of Avontus Designer that multiple users access (one at a time) through a remote connection, using programs like Remote Desktop Connection.
  • Single Activation - You can use the same serial number for installation of the program on multiple computers, but you may only activate one computer at a time. To deactivate a license for use on another computer, 

1. Navigate to the Backstage.

2. Click Help.

3. Click Activation Manager.

4. Click Deactivate License.

After Avontus Designer confirms that it has deactivated the license, you can use the activation Manager on the alternate computer by clicking Activate Online.

Note: You can only activate and deactivate Avontus Designer four (4) times in a single day.

Note: Each Avontus Designer license comes with one license of Microsoft Visio. If you share a license of Avontus Designer on multiple computers, you must have additional Visio licenses. You can purchase them from any software retailer. Refer to the Activation Troubleshooting section of Activating Avontus Designer for details.

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