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This program requires Microsoft Visio® 2013 or higher in either the 32-bit or 64-bit version. If you do not currently have Microsoft Visio® installed, determining which version to install will depend upon the version of Microsoft Office® (32-bit or 64-bit) currently installed on your computer.

Note: These steps may vary, depending on the operating system. If you need further assistance, contact support at

To verify the installed version of Microsoft Office®:

1. Open any Microsoft Office® program.

2. Click File.

The Info interface appears.

3. Click Account.

The Account interface appears.

4. Click About [program name].

The About [program name] dialog appears, displaying the bit version with the product version.

Use one of the links below to download and install Microsoft Visio® 2019, if needed. Please note these links will install a 60-day trial of Microsoft Visio® 2019 that does not require a product key. If you have purchased your Avontus product, a licensed product key will be provided.

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