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You can add a Job Site to a Branch Office, a Laydown Yard, or a Staging Area. You can add as many Job Sites as you like.

To add a Job Site:

1. Click the appropriate Branch Office, Laydown Yard, or Staging Area node of your current organizational structure.

2. Click the Add button () and select Add Job Site from the dropdown that appears.

The Job Site dialog appears.The default required fields for a Job Site are:

      • Job Site Name
      • Customer
      • If the Job Site is Billable, Billing Method details and Rate Profile

Note: Required fields may vary based upon company settings.

3. Click in the Job Site Name text field and enter the name for the new Job Site.

4. Click the Customer dropdown and select the appropriate customer.

5. Enter Shipping and Billing addresses as appropriate.

5. Click the Billing tab.

The Job Site dialog refreshes.

   If this job is going to be invoiced, leave the option This job site is billable checked.

6. To set sample billing settings: Click in the Invoice Every text field and enter the appropriate interval for sending invoices.

7. Click the First Invoice Date Calendar icon.

The Calendar popup appears.

7. Locate and click the appropriate date.

8. Select the Rent sub-tab, and select a Rate Profile. Refer to Creating a Billable Job Site or Group for more information.

9. Select the Options sub-tab, and set taxes if applicable.

10. Click OK.

The new Job Site appears in the list under the selected Branch Office.

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