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Everybody starts here. This session is required by all end-users before going through other sessions. This session introduces Quantify and the major screen sections and features, covering the information below.

*Prerequisite: The Introduction session is required for all users and must be completed before continuing with additional training.

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 Product Catalog Basics

  • What is the Product Catalog?
  • Add Products
  • Add Categories
  • Associate Categories to Products
 Consumable Catalog Basics
  • What is the Consumable Catalog?
 Additional Charges
  • What are Additional Charges? 
 Recurring Charges
  • What are Recurring Charges?

Rate Profiles

 Rate Profile Basics
  • What are Rate profiles?
  • Rental Rates
  • Sale Prices
  • Replacement Costs

Tree Tabs

 Organization Tab
  • Organization Tree
  • Location Definitions
  • Add/Edit/Delete
  • Mark Inactive
  • My Options
  • Find Location
 Customer Tab
  • Customer Tree
  • Order Numbers
  • Add Customer
  • Customer Contacts
 Vendor Tab
  • Vendor Tree
  • Add Vendor
 Users Tab
  • User Grid
  • Role Basics

Grid Tabs

 Products Tab
  • Product Grid
  • Inventory and Focus
  • Available vs. On Rent
  • Owned vs. Re-Rent inventory
  • Reserved
  • In Transit
  • Discrepancy
  • Status Bar
  • Categories
  • Filters
 Estimates Tab
  • Estimates Grid
 Shipping Tab
  • Shipping Grid
  • Column Order and Visibility
 Transaction Tab
  • Transaction Grid
 Invoice Tab
  • Invoice Grid

Basic Job Sites and Shipments 

 Job Sites
  • Create Billable Job Site
  • Create Non-Billable Job Site
 Basic Shipments
  • Create Delivery through right-click menu
  • Create Return through right-click menu

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