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Version: 6.4.688.0    Release Date: January 19, 2021

Feature Release Notes

  • Added Building Object Edit tool which dramatically improves the creation and editing of single or group of building objects. Building objects/groups will allow users to create any complex custom structure
  • Ability to specify layer name for each building object or group of objects.This makes working with exported CAD files more efficient
  • You can now rotate group of building objects around X and Y axis (only in 3D views). Create ramps, sloped decks, safety fans, roofing systems and so on
  • Added Cone shape to building objects; conical frustums (cone with top cut off) can also be drawn

Enhancement Release Notes

  • Grouped building objects can now be moved as a whole using the new 'Reference Elevation' property
  • Ability to specify the color used in 3D views for single or group of building objects
  • Added Steel Battens to supported plank types
  • 'Select all building objects' tool in Drawing tab now select group of building objects too
  • Upgraded 3D component to the latest version to support newer graphics cards and provide better performance
  • Added 'Update Model' button to 3D View panel to quickly re-build scaffold models
  • Added 'Refresh Conceptual Model' button to 3D Model toolbar to clean up and redraw conceptual model (specially if 3D view and plan view are not in sync)

Issues Resolved

  • Resolved an issue in grouped pipe shapes not drawing in 3D view
  • Resolved an issue in which slab shapes grouped with other building objects would be moved to incorrect location
  • Resolved an issue in selecting and editing grouped building objects with multiple levels of nested grouped building objects
  • Boiler objects now use the reference elevation and can be grouped and correctly transformed with other building objects
  • Various issues resolved regarding grouped building objects
  • Designer now adds a missing part warning message to BOM when part numbers specified in building objects are not found in Material Master
  • Resolved an issue in Kwikstage system when requesting to use return transom in wall scaffold

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