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Locking an Avontus Viewer account means removing the serial number associated with the account, which deactivates the account.  Once deactivated, it can be activated again and again at any time.

To lock an Avontus Viewer account:

1. If Avontus Viewer is not already running, log in to Avontus Viewer.

The Avontus Viewer dialog appears, showing your account.

3. Click the Avontus Viewer menu icon () in the top left-hand corner of the dialog and select Remove Avontus Viewer Serial No.

The Unlock Avontus Viewer Desktop dialog appears.

4. Click the Remove Serial Number button.

The Unlock Avontus Viewer Desktop dialog refreshes, showing that you have locked your Avontus Viewer account.

5. Click the Check in the bottom right-hand corner of the dialog.

The Avontus Viewer dialog returns, showing your account.

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