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With Handset Designer your primary focus is the structure. Building primitives, such as walls, curved walls, staircases, beams, and tanks, can be easily dragged/dropped and glued together at any angle with easy-to-use formwork software. Once you’ve drawn the building structure, formwork drawing is automatic. Formwork can be drawn for virtually any structure. Handset Designer is also fully integrated with Avontus Quantify for detailed formwork estimates, inventory management, and billing.

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WARNING! This software is intended for use by qualified formwork designers and competent persons as defined by OSHA. Use by unqualified persons may result in DEATH, SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE. Loading determined by this software is based on the load-carrying capacity of panels, fillers, ties, and other hardware. The total loads on individual components as well as the loading of the formwork assembly must be considered. Bracing and platform design is to be performed by a competent person before proceeding with the work.

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