My computer crashed while I was working on my drawing! How do I find my auto-saved drawing files?


After a crash, you can easily find the last auto-saved drawing file for the drawing in your default drawing folder.

To find your auto-saved drawing files:

1. As necessary, launch Avontus. 

The Backstage appears with the New option selected.

2. Click Options.

The Options dialog appears, with the Scaffold Bays tab pre-selected.

3. Click the Locations tab in the Avontus Options dialog.

The Avontus Options dialog refreshes, displaying default file location options.

4. Look in the Drawings Folder text field to learn where Avontus auto-saves your drawing files. 

Note: You can change the default locations in this tab at any time.

Once you have found your default auto-save location, you can open the latest auto-saved version of a drawing.

5. Launch a File Explorer window and navigate to the folder into which Avontus auto-saves your drawing files.

6. Locate and double-click the auto-save file to open it in Avontus. (The auto-save file name ends in .A$V.vsdx.)

Note: You can also open the drawing with the Open button in the Backstage above.

To learn how to adjust the frequency with which Avontus auto-saves your drawings, refer to Setting Default General Options