You can use a QR code on an inspection to access the inspection’s details on a mobile device. This can be used when a QR code is generated as a label and attached to a scaffold tag to be then scanned in the field for identification, location update, and inspection.

To do this, you will need to access the inspection on Quantify, print the Report and then use your phone to capture the QR code displayed on the printed report.

Note: You may need a QR scanner app on your mobile device.

1. From the organization tree, select the site

Note: Ensure it is a tagging site and has inspections of Scaffolds enabled.

2. In the site, select Scaffold Register.

3. Click on a scaffold tag and select Inspections.

4. Select an Inspection.

5. Click Reports and from the drop-down select Print Preview Selected Scaffold.

This will launch a print preview of the inspection form, with the QR code. Print this off and place it where it needs to go.

6. On the mobile device, using a QR scanner, aim your phone at the QR code.

This will bring up the inspection’s details. Note that these are the details are correct at the point the QR code was created.

7. Tap the url at the bottom to view the updated details.

This will show the inspections' current details.