Handset Designer Help Vidoes
  • 07 Aug 2023
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Handset Designer Help Vidoes

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Article summary

This session is designed for new users to learn all the basics about using Handset Designer. This session covers the information below.

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Prerequisites and Uses

  • Microsoft Visio 2013 integration
  • Network users and multiple installations


  • Drawing Page default pages and Stencil
  • Shape Data
  • Tabs and Handset Designer Ribbon

Starting a Drawing

  • Drawing Scale
  • Page Size
  • Edit Title Block
  • Importing a customer plan from CAD
  • Convert to Walls
  • Importing a customer plan from alt. file types
  • Structures and Walls

Draw Formwork

  • Draw Formwork for selected Page
  • Section View
  • Elevation views

Edit Formwork

  • Delete Formwork
  • Enable Formwork Edit
  • Edit Stackup pattern

Multiple Page Drawings 

  • Draw structures on additional pages
  • Slab
  • Tank
  • Draw Formwork for additional Pages

Drawing Calculations

  • Bill of Materials
  • Quantify Integration
  • Page materials
  • Consolidated vs. Totals

Finishing a Drawing

  • Annotation
  • Save, Print, Email

Formwork Options

  • Drawing default options
  • Formwork Ties
  • Formwork Design
  • Editing form sizes

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