Adding a User Role
  • 19 Feb 2024
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Adding a User Role

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Article Summary

Users can be added to roles that perform certain functions. Roles are split into subscriber and viewer. A Subscriber is a user who can access Avontus Site and make changes to the scaffolds. A Viewer is a user who can access Avontus Site but can only view the requests, scaffolds, etc and not make any changes.

To create a new role

  1. From the Map screen, select People.
  2. In the People screen, click the User Roles button.
  3. In the User Roles screen, click Add and specify to add a Subscriber or Viewer role.
    Note: For more information on Subscribers and Viewers, click the Subscribers and Viewers page.
  4. Mark the role as Active.
  5. Provide the name of the user role and a description.
  6. On the right, specify the user's permissions and what they can do in the system.
  7. Click OK
    The user role will be added, and users can be assigned to it.

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