Avontus Designer Help Videos
  • 24 Jan 2024
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Avontus Designer Help Videos

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Welcome to the Avontus Designer Help Videos section. Here you will find how-to videos that cover some of the most common features of Avontus Designer. Check back later to find new videos and updates



01. Introduction to Scaffold Designer

Introduction to the Scaffold Designer opening screen, the menus within it, and what each feature is for.

02. Workspace Overview

Overview of the Scaffold Designer workspace, what each tab is for, along with an introduction to all the commands contained with them.

03. How to Draw Walls

How to position and create walls, using the Wall feature within the Scaffold Designer Stencil.

04. Placing and Editing Bays

How to place a bay within Scaffold Designer, placing it in a specific position, changing the bay size, adding multiple levels, and the different ways to edit it, along with how to copy and create multiple bays.

05. Corner Bays

How to add corner bays, and the use, and editing of Connector Bays to create triangular corners.

06. Hop-ups and Side Brackets

How to add, and use hop-ups and side brackets within Scaffold Designer.

07. Adding and Editing Ladders

Placing Ladders, including adding vertical ladders, inclined ladders and different access decks.

08. Adding Stairs

How to add stairs, including 10-leg and 4-leg stairs.

09. Bill of Materials

Opening the Bill of Materials, modifying the quantities, looking at the export options, adding extra parts, printing, and adding it to a drawing.

10. Drawing Features

How to add extra drawing sheets into a project. Creating elevations and sections, adding dimensions, and creating 3D views for placement on a drawing sheet.

11. Avontus Viewer

How to Launch Scaffold Viewer from Scaffold Designer, and use it to view a model.

12. Page Set Up

Overview of setting up a page within Scaffold Designer, incorporating, selecting the Printer page size, Drawing size and Scale. Also how to rescale a drawing to fit on a page.

13. Side Settings

How to use Side Settings to edit scaffold bays.

14. Bay Details

Using Bay Details to edit a Scaffold Bay

15. Bay Level Editor

How to use the Bay Level Editor to edit the individual levels of a Scaffold Bay

16. Beam and Ply Deck

How to Add a Beam and Ply deck.

17. Cantilever Stair Landings

How to add Cantilever Stair landings onto a staircase.

18. Building Objects

How to group multiple objects to create a single Building object with its own part number, which can be saved to a stencil and used in future designs.

19. Workspace

How to customize your screen layout within Avontus Designer using Workspaces.

20. Importing 3D Models

How to use the Import 3D feature within Avontus Designer for importing 3D objects and CAD files, creating 2D drawings for the plan view, and positioning them within a drawing.

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