Deploying Quantify to Azure
  • 11 Apr 2024
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Deploying Quantify to Azure

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Article Summary

Creating an Azure database is easy and is mostly done in the Avontus QuAD (Quantify Azure Deployment) app.

However, you need to first create the Azure Active Directory App Registration in the Azure portal.

Note: When creating an Azure database, all the settings should all be preserved except the secret key.

Introduction and Prerequisites

You can host your Quantify database on Azure. The following articles will explain how to use Microsoft Azure to host your own database on Quantify.

Note: Avontus does not provide support for setting up your Azure database.


  • A Microsoft Azure Subscription.
  • Your region - click to find the best region for you.
  • The chosen name of the Subdomain (only if using a custom domain).
  • Access to DNS Server (only if using a custom domain).
  • SSL certificate if using custom DNS (only if using a custom domain)
  • You will need to download the QuAD app, which can be found here -
  • Default bacpac file
  • Quantify Web binaries

The first step is Setting Up The Azure Active Directory.

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