Global Settings
  • 19 Feb 2024
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Global Settings

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Article Summary

Global Settings is accessed by an admin user and controls settings for all users in the system. This includes modifying email settings and managing and modifying lists (projects, contractors, orders, load ratings).

You have a number areas within the Global Settings

Mail Settings - Set up your SMTP server.

Scaffold - Modify scaffold settings, such as enabling the automatic changing scaffolds to Awaiting inspection at certain times, and bypassing certain stages, such as the handover stage when a scaffold is erected.

Request - Modify request settings, such as enabling or disabling certain steps along the request approval process.

Offline - Modify any settings that allow users to work offline.

Subscription - Access your Avontus account where you can change the details of your license, such as adding or removing users.

General Settings - Adjust the timezone, paper type, and time format of your Avontus Site application.

Numbering Options - In Numbering Options you can manage how Activities, Inspections, Requests, Scaffolds, Timesheets, and Handovers are named and numbered.

Custom Reports - Create your own Custom Reports which can be applied to Requests, Scaffolds, Inspections, and much more. 

Report Settings - Upload your company logo to appear on reports.

Mapping - In Mapping, you can add a Mapbox token to enable satellite maps.

Add/Delete Map overlay - You can add an overlay on the existing map to see a more up-to-date view of your site.

Project - Add, edit, and delete any Projects which can then be assigned to a Request or Scaffold.

Contractors- Add, edit, and delete any Contractors which can then be assigned to a Request or Scaffold.

Shift- Add, edit, delete any shifts which will determine when Scaffolds will change to the Awaiting Inspection status. 

Orders - Add, edit, and delete any Orders which can then be assigned to a Request or Scaffold 

Load Ratings - Add, edit, and delete any Load Ratings which can then be assigned to a Request or Scaffold 

Custom Properties - Create any Inspection or Handover questions that users can complete when performing an inspection or handover of a scaffold.

Admin users can access Global Settings by selecting Global Settings from any main screen.

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