Quantify Editions
  • 30 Aug 2023
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Quantify Editions

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There are three editions of Quantify available to better suit the needs of your company. The tables below show a breakdown of all the features included in each one.


Small Business



Number of users 

Unlimited admin accounts

Unlimited accounts of all roles
Unlimited accounts of all roles
On-Premises solution

Hosted on quantifycloud.com

Role-based security with custom roles

Custom user accounts, security and change history

Options and custom fields make Quantify work the way you work

Robust, fully featured .NET API allows you to use C# or VB.NET to integrate with any external application

Fully customizable Email Notifications

REPORTING FEATURESSmall BusinessEnterpriseIndustrial

See your data the way you want with customizable reports

Export and Email reports to Excel, PDF, Word

QUANTIFY WEB – REQUEST PORTAL FEATURESSmall BusinessEnterpriseIndustrial

Inspect scaffolds on mobile device

View real-time details of scaffolds via QR Code scanning

Mobile web app for your customers and end-users to enter work and equipment requests

Capture location of scaffolds with mobile device

Allow your customers and field staff to log in

Remotely view inventory across all of your locations

Included with hosting

View Scaffold Designer drawings and 3D models

View maps of jobs, branches and individual scaffolds

Shipment pivot to show history of deliveries and returns

Scaffold pivot to view scaffold details

ASSET CONTROL FEATURESSmall BusinessEnterpriseIndustrial

Save time and data entry by processing customer and end-user requests that flow into estimates, reservations or shipments

Track new (resale) inventory separate from other fixed assets

Tracking of assets that are in transit between branch offices and job sites

Get the most out of your asset investment with real-time equipment utilization reports

Know what you have and what you need with equipment forecasting

Fulfill jobs and keep costs under control with effective re-rent (cross hire) management. Re-rent notifications email you when you have enough available to return to the vendor, helping eliminate costs.

Easily adjust balances for branch offices and Sub-Branches when you need to complete a physical inventory or stock take

Although most scaffolding is non-serialized, items such as suspended scaffold motors and harnesses can also be tracked by unique serial numbers. Serialized inventory can track when items need inspection and servicing.

Track and bill for lost, damaged and missing equipment, to recoup costs from your customers

Ability for branch office and job site balances to go negative. This is a very important feature for scaffold companies. Resolution of balances is auditable and easy.

Barcoding of inventory, including serialized and non- serialized


Small Business 



Flexible pricing options for quoting your customers for equipment and other charges, for sale or rental/hire

View available balances as you create estimates

Estimates are fully compatible with Scaffold Designer, Handset Designer and Quantify, avoiding redundant data entry. Designer files are also attached to Quantify estimates, allowing you to go paperless.


Small Business 



Track individual, independent scaffolds using unique tag numbers, while also managing customer approvers and reviewers as well as internal builders and dismantler employees

View and track current, past and future inspections. Stay on top of your inspections with email notifications.

Assign multiple activities per scaffold (build, dismantle, modify and custom activities). Activities can be individually billed and also allow you to track planned vs. actual costs and hours.

Manage scaffold request lead time, as well as the time from request to the actual build of the scaffold

Find and locate scaffolds via QR Codes on your mobile device


Small Business 



Require locations (branch offices and job sites) to count materials upon receipt

Ability to control branch users allowed to transfer, by location

Require counting of equipment upon receipt (also tracks items in transit)

Deliveries, returns and transfers (branch to branch or job to job)

Reservations to assist with your planning activities, as well as pre-return tickets for returning items and counting them at a later time.


Small Business 



Billing for lost/damaged/missing items

Per-piece or not per-piece. Recurring rental/hire billing can occur on most items in Quantify. You can also bill for consumables and other non-inventory charges.

Arrears billing enables you to bill at the end of period for all of your rental/hire equipment

Advance (beginning of period) rental/hire billing consistently bills at the start of each period

First Advance, then Arrears billing method to bill the first period at start,  then all subsequent periods at the end of the period

All deliveries, returns and transfers synchronize to a single invoice on a job


Small Business 



Use our robust, fully featured, .NET API to integrate with any accounting system. More detail can be found at: quantifyapi.avontus.com

Foundation for Windows

JD Edwards




QuickBooks Destkop

Sage 50




Small Business 



Tracking of items that require servicing

Allow items to automatically be placed in the servicing queue upon return

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