Sending a Database to Avontus Support
  • 18 Jan 2024
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Sending a Database to Avontus Support

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Article Summary

Sometimes Avontus Support will request that you send us a copy of your Quantify database. This may be for testing, troubleshooting or just to see example entries. In order to send your database to support, you must first create a backup and then use Avontus Support's online upload tool to easily and securely send the file.

Note: These steps must be performed on the machine that hosts SQL Server and the Quantify database.

To send a database to Avontus support:

  1. Create a backup of the database.
  2. Locate the new backup file (.bak file extension). 
  3. Right-click the file and select Send To > Compressed (Zipped) Folder from the menu that appears.
  4. Contact support who will send you a Unique URL where you can upload the database
  5. Upload the database to the URL.

    Support will be automatically notified when the file upload is complete. We will contact you when we have more information regarding the database.

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