Step 7: Install the Quantify Client and Log In
  • 23 Jan 2024
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Step 7: Install the Quantify Client and Log In

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Article Summary

You can download the Quantify Client software from the Quantify Install Files page. Select the 32 Bit or 64 Bit release, based upon the your computer's operating system and your company needs.

To install the Quantify client and log in:

  1. Double-click the installer icon.
    The Quantify Setup Wizard installer launches, displaying the Welcome interface.
  2. Click I agree to the license terms and conditions
  3. Select Install

    Quantify will update
  4. When the update has finished, you can close the installer or click Run to open Quantify.

    When installation is complete, Quantify may automatically launch, or you can open the program using the newly created desktop icon.
    The Quantify Login dialog appears.

    If SQL Server is also installed on this computer, go to step 6.
  5. If the SQL Server instance hosting your Quantify database is on a different computer, click the Connection Setting button.

    The Connection Settingsdialog appears.
    1. Click the appropriate server option radio button (Local Network server or Remote server).
    2. Enter the appropriate sever address.
      For local network servers, enter the server name in the Computer Name text field. If the Quantify database uses a different instance of SQL Server than the default (MSSQLServer), you may also need to enter the instance name (example: SERVER\INSTANCE_NAME).
      If you are using a remote server, refer to Using Quantify to Log In to a Remote Quantify Database.
    3. Click OK.
      The Quantify Login dialog appears.
      Until end user accounts are set up, you can use the Default Administrator account .
      • Username:  admin
      • Password:  password
  6. Click in the Password text and enter the word password (all lower case).
  7. Click OK.

    Quantify launches and looks online for updates.
    If it finds one, the Confirm Updatedialog appears.
    1. Click Yes, Update Quantify.

      The quantify installer launches and displays the Login dialog.
    2. Do steps 6 and 7 above...
      The Quantify interface appears.

      You are ready to activate your copy of Quantify.

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