Step 8: Request an Activation Code
  • 23 Jan 2024
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Step 8: Request an Activation Code

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Article Summary

Before you can start using Quantify, you must activate it. This requires an activation code, which you get from Avontus.

To request an activation code:

  1. Launch Quantify by double-clicking the Quantify desktop icon.
    You can also launch Quantify from the Start menu, by clicking the Windows menu and selecting Quantify from the Quantify sub-menu.
    Note: If Quantify is already running, click the Help menu and select Activation Manager.
    The Activate Quantify dialog appears. Use this dialog to communicate with Avontus and request an activation code for the new database.
  2. Click the Request an activation code radio button.

    This enables the Copy and Email Request… buttons.
  3. If an email client is available on the computer or server, click Email Request.

    The default email client launches with an email ready to send to
    If an email client is not available on the computer or server:
    1. Click the Copy Request Code to Clipboard button ().
    2. Paste the copied encrypted text into an email and send to

      The encrypted text in the body of the email contains information needed to activate your installation of Quantify.  
  4. Send the email as-is. No additional identification or message is needed.
    Avontus will use this encrypted text to generate your activation code. The new activation code will be emailed to the same email address it originated from.
  5. Close the Activate Quantify dialog, then re-launch it when you get your new activation code from Avontus.

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