Recalculating a Rate Based on New Number of Days
  • 19 Jul 2023
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Recalculating a Rate Based on New Number of Days

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When you need to recalculate rental rates because the number of days a Rate Profile is based on has changed, use Recalculate the selected rate with new days. Here is a s sample use case: You created a copy of a Rate Profile that was based on a 28 day rental period. You would like those same daily rates applied over a weekly, seven-day period. The procedures below show you how to do that.

To recalculate a rental rate based on new number of days:

  1. Click Rate Profiles.

    The Rate Profiles dialog appears.
  2. Click the profile that has the rate you want to recalculate, then click the Recalculate the selected rate with new days  button ().

    The Change Rates dialog appears.
  3. Click in the New Rate Days text field and enter a new number of days to apply to the rate.
  4. Click Change Rates.
    A confirmation dialog appears.

    Quantify recalculates the rates and informs you when it is done.
  5. Click OK.
    The Change Rates dialog returns
  6. Click Close.

    The Rate Profiles dialog returns
  7. Click Close.

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